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Silkflow has been providing soft water to hundreds of satisfied customers since 1987.  At Silkflow we pride ourselves on our personal and professional installation and after sales service – including salt delivery (click SALT above to place your order now).

Our installations are carried out by our own fully trained engineers ensuring you always get the best quality service at all times.  We have our own salt delivery service offering you the personal touch and we are able to service any model of water softener should you ever have a problem.  As independent experts we are able to recommend and supply the product that best suits your requirements, we are not tied to one manufacturer which means we have a wide range of products to suit your needs.

Water Softeners

A water softener is probably the one desirable domestic appliance still missing from your home.  It will remove any limescale from your home and keep it scale free for the future – this means shiny taps – clear shower screens – no scaled up costly appliances and most importantly your home becomes more efficient and saves you time and money.

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We operate in all areas of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire.

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How Much Could you Save?

With Hard Water With Soft Water
Cleaning Products £70.65 £16.92
Appliances (Depreciation) £6.74 £0.00
Hot Water £44.20 £42.28
Total cost per month £121.59 £59.20
With Hard Water With Soft Water
Cleaning Products £78.92 £19.36
Applicances (Depreciation) £10.11 £0.00
Hot Water £47.10 £45.06
Total cost per month £136.13 £64.42
With Hard Water With Soft Water
Cleaning Products £87.90 £21.80
Applicances (Depreciation) £13.49 £0.00
Hot Water £50.00 £47.83
Total cost per month £151.39 £69.63
With Hard Water With Soft Water
Cleaning Products £95.46 £24.23
Applicances (Depreciation) £16.85 £0.00
Hot Water £52.90 £50.60
Total cost per month £165.21 £74.83

Best Sellers

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 09.37.57
The New Sirius Block Salt Water Softener

Why choose our new Sirius Block Salt Water Softener for your home?

To launch the new Sirius Block Salt Softener we are giving one year’s FREE supply of salt (15 packs) with every purchase in February.

New technology, compact, economical, less time, less water for regeneration cycle, low maintenance, greater capacity, improved efficiency, highly convenient, optimum performance.


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WATER SOFTENER SALT FOR FILTER SYSTEMS... available from Silkflow.  We provide a wide range of different softener salts for filters, fridges , softeners and can provide all the softener salts you need. Harvey's block salt Aquasol table salt supplied in 25kg Hydrosoft granular salt supplied in 25kg and 10kg bags Hydrosoft tablet salt supplied...


WHY INVEST IN A WATER SOFTENER…?  Call us now on 01494 436205 to find out how you can save money on your heating bills / lower the cost spent on your detergent / clear up skin conditions / remove limescale within your heating system / electrical appliances / clear shower...

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