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Silkflow Water Softeners Service & Salt Tablets

Silkflow has been providing water softeners and salt tablets since 1987. At Silkflow we carry out installations as an independent and established water filter service. Alongside this we also provide salt tablets to compliment our reliable installation.

What is the difference between Water Softeners and Salt Tablets, and a Water Filter?

A question we are often asked is ‘What is the difference between water softeners, softener salt tablets and a water filter?’ Water filtering tends to refer to drinking water. Whereas our highly advanced and effective filtration systems uses softener salt tablets to eliminate lime-scale from the incoming water supply. This reduces the build-up not only on your taps and around your drinking water, but on other household water supplies, for example, showers. Here at Silkflow, our appliances can reduce water costs and bills dramatically, alongside the depreciation in appliances as well as the cost of cleaning products to remove extensive lime-scale build up with the aid of breakdown water softener salt tablets making water ‘Soft’.

At Silkflow, we aim to tailor our products to your exact requirements, ensuring your purchase is an investment. Our service at Silkflow offers a wide range of water softeners entailing different filtration systems, ensuring there is something to suit every needs. This includes Sirius Block Salt Softener, Reconditioned Block Salt, Nuwave MD 160, 260, 400, 600, Nuwave NC180 and NC280, with smaller variations including Minimax Blue, Minimax Major and commercial appliances. Not only do we at Silkflow supply a reliable and technically sound range of appliances, we also provide a wide selection of water softener salt tablets to suit your filteration preference, including block salt, granular salt and tabular salt accompanied by filter cartridge fittings and aesthetic taps for drinking water solutions.

Our renowned Silkflow service and water softener salt tablet delivery spreads across all areas of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire. Our highly skilled and trained team at Silkflow are available to answer all queries about our water softeners service and salt tablets ensuring complete confidence in your purchase.

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How Much Could you Save?

With Hard Water With Soft Water
Cleaning Products £80.60 £20.88
Appliances (Depreciation) £13.49 £0.00
Hot Water £28.33 £21.25
Total cost per month £144.09 £68.71
With Hard Water With Soft Water
Cleaning Products £81.43 £19.39
Applicances (Depreciation) £13.49 £0.00
Hot Water £28.33 £21.25
Total cost per month £144.92 £67.22
With Hard Water With Soft Water
Cleaning Products £90.20 £22.58
Applicances (Depreciation) £13.49 £0.00
Hot Water £28.33 £21.25
Total cost per month £153.69 £70.41
With Hard Water With Soft Water
Cleaning Products £102.91 £30.54
Applicances (Depreciation) £13.49 £0.00
Hot Water £28.33 £21.25
Total cost per month £166.40 £78.37

Best Sellers

Sirius Salt | Silk Flow
Sirius Block Salt Softener

Why choose the Sirius Water Softener for your home?

New technology, compact, economical, less time, less water for regeneration cycle, low maintenance, greater capacity, improved efficiency, highly convenient, optimum performance.


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In brief, a water softener is designed to remove calcium (scale) and magnesium (scum) from hard water. They are installed at the point the water supply enters the premises and treat the whole house. therefore resulting in: - Reducing the cost of your soap / detergent. - Removing existing limescale....


Purchase from us during the months of September  and October 2014 and receive a complimentary 18 hole round of golf at The Weston Turville Golf Club. Terms & Conditions: Subject to availability.  Offer can be withdrawn at any time.  Not valid with any other offer or...

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