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Hard water in your kitchen means scaled up appliances which operate inefficiently and slowly.  Taps start to leak and become furred up, sinks, drainers and work surfaces become grey, dull and lacklustre and appliances such as your dishwashers coffee makers, kettles taps, pots and pans will also suffer from limescale, meaning the don’t last as long or work as well.

With a water softener installed within your home the soft water generated means your appliances will work as they should, leaving your dishes shining with much less detergent and no need for descalers.  Taps will look like new whilst your sink, drainer and work surfaces will remain clean and shining as though they’d just been purchased!

At Silkflow we always fit a separate hard water drinking tap (we can help with that too as we supply and fit a range of taps to compliment your style of kitchen) but if you choose to make tea and coffee with softened water they too will taste better than ever!

To find out more, call us at Silkflow for your FREE no obligation quotation on 01494 436205 or shop online,

Silkflow Water Treatment Specialists, providing soft water to hundreds of satisfied customers since 1987.

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