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Did You Know That Professional Tap Water Tasters Exist?

No doubt you’ve all experienced some funny tasting tap water in your time – and perhaps this has inspired you to invest in water softeners or similar to help improve the taste.

But did you know that if you have a particularly sensitive palate, you could actually become a professional tap water taster? According to the BBC, there are 23 people in Scotland who are employed to make sure that drinking water is nice for the rest of us to drink, with 15,000 samples of water checked each and every year.

These tasters are highly trained when it comes to picking up strange odours or tastes in tap water, detecting too much chlorine (which is used to disinfect all tap water) or anything fruity, earthy, yeasty or milky.

There’s a specific tasting room at Juniper House on the Heriot-Watt University campus in Edinburgh, which has to be kept at a constant 25 degrees C to ensure that odour-causing molecules in the samples are kept in a volatile state and make them easier to spot.

Water tester Sarah Sinclair, 29, said: “When we explain to people about our job they think all we do is drink and smell water but it is much more than that and we have become experts in the odours and tastes of water.

“I can tell the difference between the water that comes from my tap at home compared with the one at work or restaurants and bottled water.”

Even if you’re not a professional water taster, you may still be able to notice some differences in water around the country. But water softeners and filtration devices can help improve the quality of your water – so get in touch with us here at Silkflow today to find out more.

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