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‘No Deal’ Brexit Could See 100,000s Without Clean Water

The government has just a few weeks to settle on a Brexit deal with the European Union (EU). However, if it fails to agree an exit strategy, one of the repercussions could be that 100,000s of Brits will be left without clean water.

Last week, the government revealed Operation Yellowhammer, which highlights the worst-case scenarios that could affect Brits if the UK leaves the EU on October 31st without a deal.

These include a lack of water that is safe for the public to consume, due to a shortage of chemicals needed to clean it.

WWT Online revealed the document said: “In the event of a supply chain failure, or the need to respond rapidly to other water supply incidents, urgent action may need to be taken to make sure people continue to have access to clean water.”

The five-page document said a failure in the chemical supply chain resulting in a lack of clean water is the “most significant risk” of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. This comes ahead of a hard border in Ireland, fishing wars between the EU and UK, and a rise in protests.

It stated while the likelihood of a lack of safe-to-consume water is “considered low”, it could still impact 100,000s of people in the country.

However, water companies are aware of the potential disruption, with the government reassuring the public: “They have significant stocks of all critical chemicals, extensive monitoring of their chemical supply chains and mutual agreements in place.”

British Water revealed a lot of its members are uncertain about how Brexit will affect water supply in the UK. Out of 185 associates, only 42 per cent were highly optimistic about the future of the industry while one-fifth were highly pessimistic.

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