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Water Softeners

Using water softeners can save you money by cutting down over 50% in the use of soap, shampoo, conditioners and cleaning products, as well as improve the performance of your shower and heating by removing limescale residue from pipes, water tanks, shower heads and shower screens, helping keep your bathroom shining like new! If suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis a water softener has been linked to improving, if not eradicating these conditions and finally, by cutting down the amount of detergent used daily, protects the environments streams and rivers from chemical degradation.

Not only are there clear financial and health benefits from water filteration systems and softeners, but Silkflow considers water softeners as an affordable luxury. The purity and smooth feel of the water stream holds extensive splash reduction meaning a cleaner surrounding environment as well as a sense of well being within yourself.

Water softeners are investments, with a huge selection of up to date and effective technology, and instant benefits which can be seen almost immediately.

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