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Nuwave Water Softener NC180


A smaller model compared to the NC180, the most compact water softener on the market.

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A smaller model compared to the NC280, the most compact water softener on the market, producing approximately 300 gallons of softened water between each regeneration cycle and will accommodate a family of up to 3 people.

The superior performance is achieved by the careful design of its high capacity resin vessel and by the use of finer, more efficient resin. The result of using this high quality resin is more softened water per kilo of salt used.

The Nuwave Cappers Valve

All Nuwave models have a sophisticated metered control valve that takes care of all the machines functions automatically.

  • Cappers Non Electric Valve
  • Low Profile
  • The Control Valve Works With Two LR20 (Size D) Alkaline Batteries
  • 5 Digit Display For Easy Reading
  • The Control Requires NO External Power Supply. Average Battery Life Of 2 Years
  • Blending Valve Fitted As Standard
  • Conforms To CE Low Voltage Regulations


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